Dear visitor

One of the most famous and beautiful sights of our island are the “blue caves”, which were discovered during 1897 and are located. The blue caves are located at the northernmost point of the island at the cape of Skinari, in the area of white rock.

They get their name from the special reflections in the water, and along the coastline there is a row of caves leading to Mikri Gialo and the Great Cave. The largest cave is called Cyanos Cave with domes, arches, and designs that man’s hand can not make.

On one of your vacation days you may choose to rent a small boat, which you can get from various parts of the island such as Makris Gialos beach, Agios Nikolaos port or through an organized boat tour which are available on a daily basis on a large boat with other people. We recommend you choose a small boat to get inside the various caves and see the colourful stalactites hanging from the top of the rocks, and if you’re feeling bold you can swim in the icy waters of the northern part of our island enjoying a unique experience.

During the morning hours you will notice the reflections created on the rock walls by the sunlight and the blue color makes the ocean bottom change colors.

The blue caves combine a wild and serene beauty as you will see the rugged rocks on one side and on the other hand you will enjoy the tranquil blue waters. Abrupt rocks, with a picturesque, distinct beauty, of which only nature knows how to create.

It is worth visiting this place