Shipwreck Beach

Dear Visitor,
After making the decision to visit our beautiful island, you have to take a swim and swim in the blue waters of this beach.
One of the top 10 world beaches!!!
Her name? Shipwreck

The “wreck” is one of the most beautiful places on the island and can be characterized as one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of the world! The beauty of this landscape can enchant you, and the serenity that you feel when you dive into the blue waters of this beach is indescribable. Thin clear waters, white sand, stunning steep rocks, and the half-moon-covered carpet of a ship make up a fantastic backdrop.
As you can see, its name came from a shipwreck, a ship that due to bad weather
condition and its damaged machine
was out of the way leading to the cliffs of the northwest side of Zakynthos.
His story began on September 30, 1982 when the merchant ship “Panagiotis”, where he smuggled and smuggled cigarettes, was washed out at the most famous spot. It is claimed that this ship belonged to a Kefalonite and his captain was Charalambos Kombotrakos – Kotsoros. Panagiotis’ ship received illegal cigarettes from the ports of Turkey, Yugoslavia and Albania by loading them on other high-speed boats to their neighboring Italy.The illegal cargo of cigarettes was accompanied by two Italian the smugglers – who were responsible for overseeing the tradition – by the Kefalonian captain and by the Kefalonian crewmen.
On that day, the captain and the crew thought of selling these illegal cigarettes for their own account and closing Italian smugglers in a cabin. After “imprisoning” the Italians, they drove the ship to the place where before this event the coast was called St. George. As mentioned, due to the adverse weather conditions, the captain and the crew did not manage to finish their work and so they decided to unload the ship and not loosen the ship from the ground. But things made it hard for them, and boxes of illegal cigarettes began to be washed out in the sea. So they decided to let the Italians down and leave the ship climbing up the steep slope.
Over time, the inhabitants of Zakynthos began to worry about the environmental disaster that this ship would create with its cargo, and all the more so for tourism. But knowing that this shipwreck would create one of the world’s nicest and most beautiful beaches.
Eventually the ship was plundered by the inhabitants of Zakynthos who made it a sheet and a feather. The Italian smugglers were deported to their homeland.
It is worth visiting this place and you will not regret enjoying this beautiful sight.
You have two choices and the choice is yours either you will admire it from above by simply taking your car or your motorcycle or you will get one of the various beaches that are accessible there enjoying your journey and your dive!
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